The Teen Witch: Thesis

The Teen Witch is my 2017 graduating thesis project from Ryerson University, and it comes together as the public presentation of a private space – a Teen Witch’s bedroom. 

To prepare for this exhibit I sourced set materials, designed graphics for the installation, created branded merchandise, and collaborated with international artists to create a gallery of witches' artworks. I collected and analysed research on historical and contemporary perspectives of witchcraft, focusing primarily on film & TV portrayals of witches for teen audiences.

Often the first place over which teens have primary control, the bedroom is an extension of self that reflects interests, taste, and identity; it is made over, rearranged, painted, and purged to represent its inhabitant and her current self. This exhibit is not only visual, but also an interactive experience that aims to capture and communicate the appeal and validity of Witchcraft as a means of defining a self identity. The entire project can be seen at

“To be extraordinary in an ordinary world is so appealing.” — Dani Baucom

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